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We are an eight piece power house band with 3 female vocalist that covers R&B/Funk, Rock, Jazz, Pop, Country, and Beach music.  We’ll introduce our ladies first then our band leader and drummer followed by the rest of our guys.





Our lead vocalist Cocoa was born and raised in Columbia S.C. and has been singing since she could sing a nursery rhyme. Then after she got a little older joined the church chord as one of the premiere soloist  From there she went on to participate in the show time at the town ship as a finalist to compete at the famous Apollo theatre in Harlem N.Y.  She sang with the S.C. State Jazz band as a featured vocalist under the direction of Wade Johnson.  She has performed and still do today with several local bands in the Orangeburg area. She’s influence by many of the greats like Whitney Houston, Jazmine Sullivan, and Lalah Hathaway that pushes her forward to be the best


Lisa B. Hynes


Lisa B. Hynes has been singing since the tender age of three. She has served as lead vocalist for numerous groups and performs anything from Gladys Knight to Patsy Cline. A little woman with a big voice she can perform any genre of music.


This local star has a tremendous big voice that has taken her to big places. Born and raised in Holly-Hill, South Carolina, Lisa has sung all across the tri-state area. After graduating high school, Lisa moved to New York. During her stay in New York her talent has taken her to the stage of the World Famous Apollo Theatre as well as the World Famous Cotton Club as back up singer to one of their featured artist at the time Mitzy.


Stephanie Cleckley


Stephanie Cleckley born and raised in Coral Springs Fl. Was influenced very early by gospel, Opera and theatre and later in her life developed a love for pop music as well.  She studied vocal and chioral conducting at Clafin University and has her bachelors in business management with a masters in professional councelling from Southern University.  Her musical influences was Michael Jackson and Prince.  Mrs. Cleckley is currently the Music and Movement Instructor at Williams Chapel Learning Center, Good Hope A.M.E Child Development Center and Family Connections After School Program.


Douglas Jennings


Douglas Jennings was born in Orangeburg S.C. where he attended Wilkinson High and established himself as one of their most outstanding and talented drummers. He began his profession career very early on as he began to play live shows in bands during his school years.  Upon completing High school he continued his pursuit in music by playing with such name as Candy Staten, Mary Wells, Roy C and others great performers. Later under his leadership in the he form his own band that went by the name Fame that played the surrounding Orangeburg, Charleston, Columbia etc areas for many years.


Charles (Blimp) Stewart


Charles (Blimp) Stewart was born and raised in Columbia S.C.  This all star guitar giant has play with almost everybody, names such as Candy Staten, Betty Swan, Betty Wright, Pursy Sledge, Anita Baker, Patty Label, James Brown and many more.  His inspiration was South Carolina’s own blues legend Drink Smalls and his older brother that played guitar for his church and local bands in his area.

Reginald Jennings (a.k.a. Reggie)


Reginald Jennings (a.k.a. Reggie) was born and raised in Orangeburg S.C. and began studying classical piano at age 10.  Although he loved classical music he also wanted the experience of playing R&B music, influence by his uncle Douglas Jennings of Fame band.  After completing high school Reggie when on to college and achieved his Bachelors & Masters degree in Math from S.C. State University.  He then went to the University of S.C. where he studied as a music major vocal performance and music theory.

The Bass man Avery Brown


The Bass man Avery Brown born and raised in Orangeburg S.C. and was directed to learn music from his Grandmother that started him out on the six string guitar.  He would also learn to play the tuba and would continue with it through college where he was a member of the marching 101 band.  He stared playing bass in high school where he progressed very quickly and was able to play with the high school jazz band.  He also was into sport and made the wise decision to choose music over sports and continued to study the bass guitar.

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